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Medications To Avoid When Considering Surgery

Herbal Products:
  • Echinacea--suppresses immune responses with long-term use
  • Ephedra--Increases heart rate causes heart irregularities and increased blood pressure.
  • Garlic--can increase bleeding
  • Ginko--can increase bleeding
  • Ginger—increased bleeding time
  • Ginsing--can increase bleeding
  • Kava--increases effects of sedatives
  • Valerian--increases the effects of sedatives
  • St. John’s Wort--Can interfere with effects of other drugs

Top list

Medications containing Aspirin
  • Alka-Seltzer Effervescent Pain Reliever & Antacid (Miles Laboratories)
  • Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold Medicine (Miles Laboratories)
  • Anacin Analgesic Capsules or Tablets (Whitehall)
  • Anacin Maximum Strength Analgesic Capsules or Tablets (Whitehall)
  • Arthritis Pain Formula by the makers of Anacin Analgesic Tablets (Whitehall)
  • Arthritis Strength Bufferin (Bristol-Meyers)
  • Ascriptin (Rorer)
  • Ascriptin A/D (Rorer)
  • Aspergum (Plough)
  • Aspirin Suppositories (G&W Laboratories)
  • Bayer Aspirin & Bayer Children’s Chewable Aspirin (Glenbrook)
  • Bayer Children’s Cold Tablets (Glenbrook)
  • Bayer Time-Release Aspirin (Glenbrook)
  • Bufferin (Bristol-Meyers)
  • Cama Inlay-Tabs (Dorsey)
  • Congesperin (Bristol-Meyers)
  • Coricidin “D” Decongestant Tablets (Schering)
  • Coricidin Demilets Tablets for Children (Schering)
  • Coricidin Medilets Tablets for Children (Schering)
  • Coricidin Tablets (Schering)
  • Dristan Decongestant/Antihistimine/Analgesic Capsules or Tablets (Whitehall)
  • Ecotrin Tablets (Menley & James)
  • Empirin (Burroughs Wellcome)
  • En Tab-650 Tablets (Mayrand)
  • Excedrin (Bristol-Meyers)
  • Extra-Strength Bufferin Capsules & Tablets (Bristol-Meyers)
  • 4-Way Cold Tablets (Bristol-Meyers)
  • Gemnisyn (Rorer)
  • Goody’s Headache Powders (Goody’s)
  • Midol (Glenbrook)
  • Norwich Aspirin (Norwich-Eaton)
  • Panalgesic (Poythress)
  • Quiet World Analgesic/Sleeping Aid (Whitehall)
  • St. Joseph Aspirin for Children (Plough)
  • St. Joseph Cold Tablets for Children (Plough)
  • Sine-Off Sinus Medicine Tablets – Aspirin Formula (Menley & James)
  • Triminicin Tablets (Dorsey)
  • Vanquish (Glenbrook)
  • Viro-Med Tablets (Whitehall)

Top list

  • Arthritis Pain Formula by the Makers of Anacin Analgelsic Tablets (Whitehall)
  • Arthritis Strength Bufferin (Bristol-Meyers)
  • Extra-Strength Bufferin Capsules or Tablets (Bristol-Meyers)

Top list

  • Arthritis Pain Formula by the Makers of Anacin Analgelsic Tablets (Whitehall)
  • Momentum Muscular Backache Formula (Whitehall)

Top list

  • Absorbent Rub (DeWitt)
  • Absorbine Arithritic (W.F. Young)
  • Absorbine Jr (W.F. Young)
  • Act-On Rub (Keystone) Analbalm (Central)
  • Analgesic Balm (Lilly)
  • Antiphlogistine (Roberts)
  • Arthralgen (Robins)
  • Aspercreme (Thompson)
  • Banalg (O’Neal, Jones & Feldman)
  • Baumodyne (North American)
  • Ben Gay (Leeming)
  • Ben Gay Gel (Leeming)
  • Ben Gay Greaseless/Stainless Ointment (Leeming)
  • Ben Gay Original (Leeming)
  • Braska (Keystone)
  • Counterpain Rub (Squibb)
  • Dencorub (Roberts)
  • Doan’s Rub (Purex)
  • Emul-O-Balm (Pennwalt)
  • End-Ake (Columbia Medical)
  • End-Ake Cream (Columbia Medical)
  • Exocaine Plus (Kirk)
  • Exocaine Tube (Kirk)
  • Heet (Whitehall)
  • Icy Hot (Searle)
  • Infra-Rub (Whitehall)
  • Lini-Balm (Armar-Stone)
  • Mentholatum (Mentholatum)
  • Mentholatum Deep Heating (Mentholatum)
  • Minit-Rub (Bristol-Meyers)
  • Musterole Deep Strength (Plough)
  • Musterole (Plough)
  • Neurablam (S.S.S.)
  • Oil-O-Sol (Mosso)
  • Omega Oil (Block)
  • Panalgesic (Poythress)
  • Rid-A-Pain (Pfeiffer)
  • Rumarub (Pfeiffer)
  • Sloan’s (Warner-Lambert)
  • Soltice Hi-Therm (Chattern)
  • Soltice Quick Rub (Chattern)
  • SPD (Amer. Pharm)
  • Stimurub (Otis Clapp)
  • Surin (McKesson)
  • Yager’s Liniment (Yager)
  • Zemo Liquid (Plough)

Top list

  • Vitamin E
  • Fish Oil
  • Aleve (Proctor & Gamble)

Top list

Media Coverage

July 30, 2003

Combining surgery with R&R

Privacy, low cost makes Costa Rica a hot destination for tummy tucks

“I needed a tummy tuck,” said Burns, 55, who began contacting plastic surgeons in the Atlanta area where she lives. On a Budget, she wanted a breakdown of the costs (surgery, anesthesia, hospital stay, etc.) and a total, but doctors would only give estimates. When one estimate hit $18,000, Burns took her research to the internet, and soon surfed her way to an obesity surgery site group on Yahoo
( ). “And that,” she said, is where I heard about Costa Rica.”

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