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People choose the country due to costs and professional quality of doctors

Francine Marasco, American, left her house in Alabama to be admitted into the Rosenstock Lieberman Clinic in Costa Rica, hoping to see in the mirror what she longed for in her mind.

Like her, 5 thousand foreigners are estimated to come to the county annually to have some type of plastic surgery done. This accounts for 40% of the total of care.

The cost of the operation, patient’s care, and the quality of professionals and the wide offer of specialties are just some of the reasons why foreigners come here to undergo an aesthetic procedure.

A proof of this is that breast implants that in the United States are around $8,000, in Costa Rica are the third part, i.e. $ 2,500.

Another distinguishing element is personalized care, since some medical centers offer all-inclusive packages.

This is the case of the Rosenstock Lieberman Clinic, because, when it comes to service to foreigners they include from the reception at the airport to the surgery, admission and stay. Liposculpture, breast implants and facial rejuvenation constitute the areas of major demand among women, whereas men go for hair micro implants, as well as nose surgeries.

“ This is a less taboo topic nowadays, much of the people turning to these procedures are businesspeople interested in the improvement of their work image, but, in some other cases it is just a search for a greater self-esteem”, expert Rashi Rosenstock commented. He is the only doctor in Central America recognized by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.


The demand for this type of medical service in the country was incremented 30% last year as compared with 2002; only at the Rosenstock’s Clinic three to four patients were seen daily.

This is one of the most visited medical centers due to the fact that it has the latest services in the market.

Costa Rica´s situation is not an isolated case as the search for physical perfection has caused an increase in the demand for aesthetic surgeries worldwide.

For example, in the U.S. around 230 thousand breast implants and 600 thousand liposuctions were done last year.

In our country, it is estimated that there are 37 plastic surgeons and ten clinics specialized in the aesthetic field.

Marasco assured she would return to the country in 2 months to undergo new aesthetic procedures.

Francine Marasco (American) talks with Doctor Rashi Rosenstock at the Rosenstock clinic for plastic surgery, one of the most visited by foreigners who want to improve their aesthetic.

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July 30, 2003

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