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La Républica, Wednesday, January 14 th, 2004

Surgeon Rashi Rosenstock is a doctor in Central America approved by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons

“Actually, the main achievement is to do what I like and make people feel fine. There’s no better pay than satisfied people” said dr Rashi Rosenstock, plastic surgeon at the Rosenstock Lieberman Center for Surgery.

His performance is highlighted by the development of new surgery techniques that confer him recognition and prestige around the world.

His effort and labor are recognized due to the fact that he is the only doctor in Central America approved by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, chapter in aesthetics, as a result of perseverance, work and humbleness.

In order to be part of this Society, he needed many formal requirements, among which the number and quality of the work done, as well as the techniques used and the success of the result are assessed.

The mention of honor suma cum laude is highlighted in his degree as MD. He subsequently carried out studies in general surgery at the Calderón Guardia Hospital, where he was chosen as the best average in the country.

He then traveled to Brazil, where he specialized in surgery with worldwide known professor Ivo Pitanguy, at the Institute named after him.

“I was admitted at the institute by taking a hard and select test through which few surgeons manage to enter. Out of 200 participants, just 10 places are opened annually. This center is a point of reference to all Brazil and its doctors perform from reconstructive to aesthetic surgeries”, he pointed out.

 The Rosenstock Lieberman Center for Surgery makes the difference with its pleasant atmosphere, achieved with high standards of professionalism and ethics.

The clinic was founded 30 years ago, and, since then, work is done under the motto “A good physical appearance, feeling good with yourself produces a better quality of life and, definitely, more personal achievements”.

Patients care is characterized by personalized and confidential treatment. Besides, the center develops a concept through which it provides the patient education and preparation on the highest quality of cosmetic surgery”

“We explain the patient what are the characteristics of the surgery we are going to perform and we tell them what to expect as a result in reality”, he expressed.

The clinic has two completely equipped operation rooms that were designed and decorated to guarantee patients comfort.

Another benefit of this center is the suites, which allow patients to enjoy a totally relaxing experience.

Among the additional services, courses on plastic cosmetic surgery stand out. These are sponsored by the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, where doctors from other countries are trained.

Rosenstock considers that, in order to achieve his goals, he must listen to the patient attentively, as well as provide excellent quality in his treatments.

The clinic has 12 professionals, who work in team and enjoy what they do. “In general, all the team is stimulated to provide the best service to the patient , and they are characterized by their dedication to the patient”, he expressed.

For the time being, the doctor is facing the daily challenge of doing his best. This resulted in an increasing number of surgeries on national as well as foreign patients.


NAME: Rashi Rosenstock.

POSITION: Plastic Surgeon at the Rosenstock Lieberman Center for Surgery

PROFESSION: Plastic Surgeon

PLACE WHERE HE STUDIED: Universidad Autonoma de Ciencias Medicas [Autonomous University of Medical Sciences] and Instituto Ivo Pitanguy [Ivo Pitanguy Institute] in Brazil.

Wife: Erika

Children: Michelle and Daniel

Hobbies: go out with his family, play tennis and read.

FAVOURITE BOOK: “La importancia de vivir” [The Importance Of Living]

LAST BOOK HE READ: “La lengua absuelta” [The Absolved Tongue”]

FAVOURITE MOVIE: “La vida es bella” [Life Is Beautiful]

PERSON HE ADMIRES: Professor Ivo Pitanguy

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