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Brachioplasty (Arm Lift)

This procedure is indicated for those persons that want to achieve a more youthful and thin arm. The excess skin and adipose tissue are removed.

All person who undergo weight lose either by surgery or dieting know exactly how the skin on their arms was tight when they were overweight, but as soon as they start losing weight the skin under their arms starts to sag. This sagging skin gets in the way of everyday life; it is not aesthetically pleasing and hard to accommodate, and hide under the cloth.

Candidates Persons who have lost significant weight either by gastric bypass and or dieting commonly ask for this surgical procedure. The goal of this surgery is to have thin-tight and contour arms.

Procedure The only way to get rid of this excess skin is by removing it surgically. The procedure most of the time is done with local anesthesia and sedation and it’s performed as an outpatient procedure.

First a liposuction is done to remove any excess adipose tissue and then an incision is made from the inner aspect of the elbow to the axilla. Then we undermine the excess skin and remove it. All sutures placed are reabsorb able, in other words no suture removal is needed.

The incision (scar) is a fine line. For the first couple of months it will look red and it will slowly start fading away.

Recovery The procedure will not incapacitate you; you need to take it easy with arm movements for two weeks. No drains are used. You can expect some swelling and black and blue for a couple of days and minor discomfort. We prescribe analgesic and antibiotics. You will use a garment; for 2-3 weeks, which we provide.

The arm lift procedure can be done at the same time as other procedures, for example tummy tucks, face-lift, and breast surgery.

Results are seen immediately once we make the first dressing change. Significant difference and an attractive smooth arm is what you will see; you will be able to move your arm freely and will be able to wear any type of shirt or sleeveless dress.

Media Coverage

July 30, 2003

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