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About us

We would like to introduce ourselves.

Clara Lieberman, M.D.

Dr. Clara Lieberman is the cofounder and surgical director of the Rosenstock Lieberman Center for Cosmetic Plastic Surgery.
A graduate of the National Autonomous University in Mexico, she completed her cosmetic surgery training at the University of Arkansas in the United States.
Dr. Lieberman established her practice 25 years ago and has extensive experience and an extremely refined technique in performing all types of cosmetic surgery.
Dr. Lieberman as a lover of beauty and aesthetics also obtained a bachelor degree in arts.
She is a noted international lecturer in cosmetic surgery and is the author of several innovative articles such as aesthetics in liposuction, facial rejuvenation with ambulatory techniques, liposculture with local tumescent anesthesia, and dozens of other articles published in some of the most renowned medical journals.
Dr. Lieberman is an active member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, American Academy of Liposuction, International society of Cosmetic Surgery, and European society of Aesthetic Surgery.

Noe Rosenstock, M.D

Dr Noe Rosenstock is the cofounder and medical director of the Rosenstock-Lieberman Center.
A graduate of the National Autonomous University in Mexico, he completed his residency in dermatology at the St. John’s Hospital for diseases of the skin in London, England. He then completed a two year fellow course in dermatologic surgery at the University of Arkansas.
He started his practice 25 years ago and is one of the founders of the Costa Rican Association of Dermatology. Dr. Rosenstock has been part of the faculty of the dermatologic department at the University of Costa Rica and has published and lectured internationally about different cosmetic surgery topics.
Dr. Rosenstock's current interest primarily centers on cosmetic surgery focusing on techniques to create natural results without the telltale signs of surgery.

Rashi Rosenstock, M.D.

Dr. Rashi Rosenstock earned his medical doctorate at the Medical Sciences University of Central America with full honors, obtaining a Summa Cum Laude degree and the academic crown.
He then served his residency in general surgery at the Calderon Guardia Hospital in Costa Rica, where he was admitted as the number one contestant nationally.
Then in pursuit of his long life dream he traveled to Brazil, where he completed his three-year residency in Plastic Surgery in the world-renowned Ivo Pitanguy Institute.
Dr. Rosenstock is an accomplished aesthetic surgeon for all areas of the body including facelift and eyelid techniques, breast surgery, arm lift, abdominoplasty, and contouring of all areas of the body with liposuction or lifting surgery.
He’s a member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), the Brazilian Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, The International Confederation of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (IPRAS), and the representative of Costa Rica to the Ivo Pitanguy Ex-Alumni association.
Dr. Rosenstock is committed to helping his patients be the best version of themselves they can possibly be.
He has presented several scientific publications and is actively involved in the development of several techniques published by the Rosenstock Lieberman Center, which are taught to doctors from all over the world.

Joseph Cohen, M.D.

Dr. Joseph Cohen is a Graduate of the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Biology.
He received his medical doctorate from the Universidad Autónoma de Centro America in San Jose, Costa Rica. His residency in General Surgery was done at the Easton Hospital in Easton Pennsylvania.
Dr. Cohen is a board certified plastic surgeon and completed his residency in Madrid, Spain.
He chose to specialize in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery because it offers the opportunity to operate on and treat every area of the body, calls for his talents in finding effective solutions and can be such a force of positive change in a person's life.
He is also the director of the Liposuction Workshop done at the Rosenstock Lieberman clinic every year. This course is sponsored by the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery.
He has published his work in multiple journals of Cosmetic surgery with title like: "Total Facial Rejuvenation with Ambulatory Techniques", Breast Augmentation with Local Anesthesia".

Media Coverage

July 30, 2003

Combining surgery with R&R

Privacy, low cost makes Costa Rica a hot destination for tummy tucks

“I needed a tummy tuck,” said Burns, 55, who began contacting plastic surgeons in the Atlanta area where she lives. On a Budget, she wanted a breakdown of the costs (surgery, anesthesia, hospital stay, etc.) and a total, but doctors would only give estimates. When one estimate hit $18,000, Burns took her research to the internet, and soon surfed her way to an obesity surgery site group on Yahoo
( ). “And that,” she said, is where I heard about Costa Rica.”

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