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Breast Implant Explantation

Many patients nowadays are seeking removal of their breast implants because of what is referred to as breast implant illness. Such a term is referred to a variety of signs and symptoms related to be caused by breast implants. These symptoms may include weakness, chronic pain, fatigue, neurological disorders, endocrine problems, allergies, anxiety, rash and autoimmune disorders.

A recent article published by the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal in September 2017, discusses a survey of over 340 posts and comments, on patients that required explantation for symptoms related to breast implant illness and no patients expressed regret after explantation.

One of the most important factors regarding the outcomes of procedures is patient-doctor communication. Over many years, we at the Rosenstock Lieberman Center for Plastic Surgery have stressed the importance of taking the time to listen to the patient’s personal needs and concerns. When we understand your expectations, we can better discuss which surgical options are best for you to achieve the results you desire.

Our goal on breast implant explantation procedures is to assure the patient that we will perform the following process:

Perform Enbloc when possible with total capsulectomy to ensure 100 percent of the capsule is removed.

Take pictures of the implant, capsule and clean out of any and all residual implant, capsule, silicone or saline within the chest cavity.

Perform a Breast Lift, if necessary, with the patients own tissues and/or perform enhancement of the breasts by structural fat grafting (transfer) to achieve a better fullness of the breast.

Not only do we perform fat grafting on breasts that is cosmetically required at the moment of explantation, but also store the patient’s own fat in case a revision is needed later during the next 12 months after the primary procedure . We have been performing fat grafting on different areas of the body for the last 30 years ago with great success.

The surgeons at Rosenstock Lieberman Center are committed to creating individualized patient care and realistic expectations that will ensure your satisfaction.


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